Why a green tourism BarCamp?

The first green tourism Camp took place in November 2011 in Meiningen, Germany. The idea of this first German barcamp with a focus on sustainability in the tourism and hospitality industries was born by Wolf-Thomas Karl ( and Brita Moosmann ( Participants from all areas of the tourism / hotel / meeting industry engaged in a deep and rich exchange of ideas and best practices, and  the next green tourism camp took place a year later, in November 2012 – this time with a Scandinavian element in the form of a virtual session: Green lessons from Scandinavia (, with participants from Sweden and Denmark.

The enthusiasm from the lively exchange between Scandinavian and German participants at that hybrid session bubbled over, which brought about the idea of organizing the first Scandinavian green tourism barcamp in May 2013, with participants from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, thus continuing and furthering the dialogue of sustainable development  in the tourism and related industries between Scandinavian countries and Germany.The content of the sessions from May 2013 are posted on this webpage - feel free to have a look at the wide array of discussions and session and the lively topics.

The participants at the first ever green tourism Camp Scandinavia wanted more, so we go into round two, and are very much looking forward to the sustainability barcamp in Sigtuna - there is so much to give to each other!

++ Thanks to all "green campers" for a great event in Sigtuna! ++